Lift and Pull Shrink Method - VW Bug

Our Subject: The VW Beetle Rear Window Tint

The VW Bug rear window is very difficult to tint with just one piece of film with any technique. The lift and pull technique is the best one I've found so far to deal with this window.

There are two different rear windows on the VW Beetles from 99-03.

FB20817 29.5"X43.5" and FB20389 35.4"X45.1".

The former is used with cars that come with a factory spoiler, the latter is put in all the others. The turbo model also comes with the smaller glass and is typically much easier to shrink than the larger window. Both windows are very challenging to heat form, but the non-turbo model is the most difficult.

Begin by cleaning the glass and immediate areas on the car. Wet the glass with your normal soap slip solution.

VW Beetle Rear Window

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