Cut Window Film to Size

Cut your window film to size, here we are using 3M Color Stable 20 in 40". 3M's Color-Stable automotive window film allows for maximum heat rejection without metals, which can interfere with radio and satellite signals. CS-20 allows 16% of visible light through the glass. It's tricky to shrink but lends it'self to this method. 3M CS is something different entirely, it is thin like a dyed film, but it doesn't shrink like a dyed film. It will take alot of heat, so much that the liner will blister during the pull shrink, but the edges wont take any heat at all, it will just melt and curl, so I've had to adjust my technique a bit. After I shrink it all, (dry shrink with soap) I'll move a pocket of air right to where the edge of the frit is and shrink that bubble so that it is tight, intead of cutting the film after the shrink and forcing fingers up then heating them out. If you cut after the shrink and finish off any fingers, they will melt, so tighten up the top and bottom edges before making your final cut.

Cut window film to size

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