How to Remove window tinting from car windows Page 3

Duck Tape for the Second Layer
If the first layer comes off and leaves the second layer, use Duck Tape (name brand with strong adhesive) to remove the second layer. Apply the tape in rows, overlapping by an inch or so. Leave on in the sun for about an hour so it adheres to the film, then remove the tape. The film lifts off with the tape. Try a small area to test the amount of time need for the sun to heat up the tape. One to two hours worked for me in the hot Florida sun. Then use ammonia and a dishwashing scrubber to remove the glue. It worked great with very little effort! COL
May 18, 2009 8:43:40 AM PDT

Hey i am an installer with a local tint shop in wilmington, nc. The way we strip side and back windows is to steam them off with a steamer. This works VERY well and does not ever mess up the defroster wires! Very very rarely the steamer doesn't work, but 95% of the time it does. Try it out.
May 14, 2009 12:18:38 PM PDT

does steaming work on the side windows as well?
May 14, 2009 4:07:53 PM PDT

Steam works but it is a little slower than just tearing off the film and using soapy water and new blades to remove the remaining adhesive.

I mean for the side glass of course, on the rear window, steam is the only way to go.
May 14, 2009 7:04:56 PM PDT
Also make sure your side windows are not laminated as heat can crack them easily.
May 15, 2009 8:14:33 AM PDT

will my windows scratch easy if i am careful with the razor blades?
May 14, 2009 4:13:59 PM PDT

To reduce any risk, make sure the blades are brand new and that the window is wet with soapy water.

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