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i dont have any ammonia. is there something i could use instead of ammonia? if not, where could i get ammonia?

You can use 409 instead, but ammonia is cheaper and stronger, you can get ammonia from the grocery store. Be very careful using though, do not inhale the fumes.

What if the 1st layer is already off but the second layer is still on. How could i get the 2nd layer to come off

Would you say a steamer would work

i let mine sit in the sun for an hour at 8000FT altitude and it peels right off... yess

Thanks for sharing your intel, tint dude! This is worth the 4 bucks the tint guy offered to do it for on one window. :O)

i work at a glass shop in coshocton ohio ..we were using cheap windex to take tint off a back glass with defrost strips...was taking forever and not working..went and got mean green used our heat gun all pulled off less than 15 min.

Sounds like it can melt the tint onto the glass and damage your interior if you're not careful.

i have removed most of the tint off my back window. However, this is a 96 civic and it has a small dot matrix on the back window frit. The tint keeps ripping away here and I have decided to remove the tint and deal with the dots later. Anybody have any suggestions for removing the tint that is in between the dot matrix?

you can peel the first layer off then use wendex and a rason blade to take glue off take time but works great

Try the Jiffy Steamer........It will cut your time in half

I have found that using your heat gun can greatly cut your time in removing old film, espcially when it is just chipping off in small pieces with a razor balde.

Use a steamer Jiffy Hold that heat gun longer than're going to crack the glass.

I DID IT!! .. just steam.. using a blade just to lift a small corner,.. JUST STEAM.. veeeeeeery slowly pull.. exact the part you're steeming.. SLOOOOWWLYY!!.. if you doit slowly you can remove FILM and GLUE at ONCE!, if you go faster and you noticed that some glue remains in the glasss JUST STOP!.. apply steam in that part and start to pull again.. slow.. It takes may be 30 or 35 minutes for the wind shield.. but CLEAN!!!!... No chemicals, no dangerous products that can damage the seats, no blades (you can sctartch the glass), no amonium.. JUST STEAM.. believe me, a steamer can cost 20 $ at walgreens

I just took my fron window tint off and I used bug and Tar Remover by Turttle Wax. Use with a razor blade and also some "Tint Off" works like magic!! Took me about 2 hours to get the tint off of the front of my Sicon TC (which has big windows!)

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