Installing Car Window Tint - Page 10

Black Ceramic Dots

Most newer cars have a black ceramic trimming the edge of the rear window. Sometimes this ceramic has a straight edge and sometimes it has a dotted edge. Usually this dotted edge is only 1/4 inch wide or so, on Fords its a bit wider. The window film usually wont stick to these dots flush, so there will be a pocket of air trimming the glass. On most cars this isn't very noticeable. The problem is that some cars have a six inch wide band of dots on the upper edge of the back window.

If that is the case, the pocket of air created is so large and uneven, that it is very unattractive. Some ways to deal with this are to apply vynil to the dotted area or leave the wide band of dots untinted, then after the film has dried for 3 days, mask off the dotted area with masking tape and paper, then paint the area with flat black enamel spray paint. Let the paint dry for a while and then remove the masking.
You can also try using glue stick or liquid glue pens to 'fill' the dots. This is very tricky and messy, but if you can do it right, it looks very good.

Sanding the dots down with very fine wet/dry sandpaper to smooth the surface of the dots slightly and wiping away any residue before applying film works very well on some cars.

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