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Use the factory edge of the paper against the bottom flap of the car window, (so you wont have to draw the bottom line). First draw the sides with the pencil, lift the bottom of the paper about an inch away from the glass and roll the car window down until the upper edge is exposed. Use the edge of the pencil lead to trace the top edge of the glass. You should now have a perfect, REUSABLE representation of the car window.

Take the pattern and lay two pieces of film, with the liners opposing, under the pattern.

pre cut the film
OK, now we have two very accurate paper patterns ready to go, so we pull out some film and cut the rough shapes out. The nice thing about patterns is that they allow you to find the best layout with the least amount of waste before cutting. Remember, we are going to cut both the left and right side pieces at the same time using the same pattern, so cut the film for one side, then flip the paper over to rough cut the other side's piece out.

Spray a little water in between all of the layers to keep them still as you cut.

Cut them on a piece of flat glass or a linoleum cutting table.

cutting film
Here i'm using the very fine pencil line as a guide to cut through the pattern and the two pieces of film. For the quarter glass piece, I'm not cutting directly on the line, but about 1 milimeter larger. The rubber is going to be trimmed away slightly on the inside to accomodate this extra film. This is done to prevent any daylight gaps on the edges.

Here is an illustration

I shrink most car roll ups because I don't tape the flaps anymore and I dont want any fingering under the flap. To shrink the door pieces, I place the film on the wet outside about an inch above the bottom flap and aboutan inch to the left or right of the side felt, squeegee the film so that its tight on top and all the excess is on the bottom, then wet shrink the excess film on the bottom.

When you're ready to tint the car window, start with the glass rolled down so that the top of the window is about a half inch from the felt, Clean and prepare the glass to receive film, lay the film near the bottom of the soapy wet glass first and slide it down into position as you lay the top into position.

Make sure both the glass and the film are absolutely clean first. Apply your slip solution to the window, remove the liner from the window film and apply slip to it as well. Carefully position the window film onto the glass. Be sure to use enough slip agent in your solution or the film may stick prematurely. This almost always leads to more contamination and flaws in the window film.

Then squeegee from an anchor point to keep the film from moving

Once you have it perfectly in place, keep it steady with one hand, having your fingers spidered out so you have it firmly. With your other hand, make a few light passes to begin to anchor the film. Use more and more pressure as you feel the film begin to grab the glass. Once it's all sqeegeed out, mist it with slip solution and squeegee it agian firmly to get more moisture out.

working from the middle out. Roll the window up and squeegee the bottom out. Blot any water from the sides with a hard card wrapped with a paper towel.

Cut-away View of 1/4 Window

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