Installing Car Window Tint - Page 7


Go peel the film and carefully lay it into position without creasing it or touching the adhesive side, or letting it touch anything but wet glass. If it hits a dry spot of glass it will grab, so be methodical, don't be afraid to rehearse how you are going to get in the car without using your hands holding a long strip of film. Once it is in position, carefully squeegee it out, prepare the next section of glass as above, and lay the next piece in. Once the second strip is squeegeed out, cut the butt seam at the defroster line.

Try to cut on the top edge of the defroster line on the glass and not in the metal of the line. Make sure to cut firmly through both pieces of film to get a good clean seam the first time. Make sure to use new high quality stainless steel razor blades to reduce unavoidable glass scratches. Try not to use carbon razor blades or olfa knives on glass, the will almost certainly scratch the glass, especially on the inside! After the cut is done, remove the extra pieces. to remove the piece that is under the second strip, peel back the corner of the second strip just enough to grip the extra piece, and pull the strip of extra film out slowly as you spray a little soapy water to keep any dry spots from grabbing. Once the excess pieces of film are gone, squeegee both the first and second pieces firmly, prepare the next section of glass and repeat as above until all 4 pieces are in and all three seams are cut.

Pieces Illustration


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