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Hi! I got some questions about my car. First off, I'll tell you that I'm stationed in Japan (US military) with a Japanese car. It's an '87 Toyota Levin with no window tint films in it now... it's never had tint either. I already know the window tint laws for over here so don't worry about that. I'm totally new to this and the fact that the window tint film I'm going to buy is all written in Japanese doesn't help. But, by looking at the pictures, I can guess that the installation procedures are about the same as any window tint I might get in the states from a parts store. Like I said, it's all in Japanese though, so all I know about it is what I read on your site. I'm curious, what happens if I put a solid piece of window tint on the back window rather than a bunch of individual strips?

The defroster strips are about an inch and a half apart from each other and it looks like it could be time consuming to get each and every strip in there.

If it's not advantageous to put a solid piece of film in there, do I have to put a separate strip in between each defroster element?.... Or could I put one strip over, let's say, two or three defroster elements and then put a "break" in the film? How do I make a straight cut on the defroster element? When you do it free hand, it may not be straight. Is there a trick? Will I damage the elements by cutting on them with a razor blade? What should I clean the windows with initially before the installation? I'm guessing I want to use something that won't leave a residue. What's good for that? Will something like Windex work? I'm not sure. I understand all the steps for making the pattern and cutting it out. What do you mean, "use a white scrubber, not a green one for the back window"?

Why are you using scrubbers and razor blades to clean the windows anyway? The only thing I can think you meant by that was for cleaning windows that just had old tint taken off of them. What kind of soap is good for the soapy water? Is any kind of household dishsoap good? One more question.... Since you said to have the window felts pulled away from the window... would it make sense, on the bottom of the rollup windows, to extend the window tint down below the felt line so that when rolling the window up and down, you'll never have to worry about the tint getting snagged on the felt? Or should you just go to the felt line and stop. Like I said, I'm in Japan and have never done this before so I'd appreciate some help. I can't exactly get much help over here with the natives speaking Japanese so I have to rely on what I know or can learn about it through different sources. Thanks!!

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