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Wow, thats alot of questions, but I'll try to help. If you lay one solid piece on the rear window it will 'finger' badly. It's kind of like trying to wrap paper around a basketball, the compound curve wont allow it to lay flat, thats why I recommend using 4 strips for most back windows. I didn't mean to use an individual strip for each space, just 4 strips ought to lay flat on most rear windows. Making a straight cut on the defogger line is a challenge, be sure to cut through both pieces at once to get an invisible seam. If you cross the defogger line with the razor blade, that one line or radio antenna line wont work anymore, so try to keep the cut on the edge of that line. Make sure to use new high quality stainless steel razor blades to reduce unavoidable glass scratches.

Try not to use carbon razor blades or olfa knives on glass, the will almost certainly scratch the glass, especially on the outside!
To clean the windows in preparation use Joy dishsoap (about 10 drops per pint. This mixture will also serve as the 'slip' solution for applying the film.

Dish washing scrubbers that have a green abrasive surface WILL SCRATCH the glass, the White scrubbers are 'light duty' and will not scratch the glass. Razor blades (on side windows only) are the only way to get the glass truly free of any stuck on dirt or calcium deposits. Bringing the film down below the level of the bottom felt is the reason for either removing the door panel or taping the felt back. I hope this clarifies everything. Please let me know how it goes.

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