Tinting Tip of the Week: Pre Tint Inspection

This week's tip is from Norm Schilling ~

Look over the car very carefully before working on it. I always look over a vehicle before beginning work on it. Here is a short checklist that could save you many $$

1. Look over fenders, hood, trunk, and roof for obvious scratches, or dents, and point them out to the customer.

2. Look carefully at the edges of the windows, and especially the rear window, and try to find adhesive from old stickers, or to see if it has been tinted before. This could add hours to the job, or waste film if you don't catch it.

3. If there is a shiney spot, especially on SUV's and Wagons, its a metal rub, where something metal rubbed against the glass, and imbedded itself in the glass.. I know of no way to remove metal rubs, but if you point it out AFTER you tint the car, it sounds like an excuse, so point out this type of thing BEFORE you start to tint.

4. Scratches in the glass.. See #3, and point it out before.