Tinting Tip of the Week: Finishing the job

This week's tip is from Norm Schilling ~

1. Inventory your tools.. I used to loose a squeegee or hard card about once a day, by leaving in the back seat, or etc..

2. If you pull a baby seat out of the back of the car, put it in the drivers seat, so that you CAN'T forget to put it back, and I NEVER re-seatbelt in a baby seat, but put the seat laying on its back in the back seat. If you don't re-install it correctly, and they have an accident, you will loose your business in a liability suit. Explain this to them when they pick up the car.

3. If you pulled the rear tail light, put the screws, or something ON the invoice, so you can't forget to re-install from the trunk. Again, if you pulled a baby stroller or something from the trunk, put that stuff where you can't forget it, and remember to put it all back.

4. Its a GOOD idea to have an information flyer to leave on the dash, with info on cleaning the tinted windows, a "Don't roll windows down for xx days" and explaining that it will dry within a week or two...

5. After pulling the car outside, Give all the film another good lookover, as sometimes a hair, or dirt won't show up till you get outside in the sunlight.

6. If you noticed a metal rub spot, or excessively scratched glass while tinting, point that out on the customer invoice/receipt, to save yourself future hassles.

7. Be the customer's friend. "Nice car", or "Thanks for comming in" Will go a long ways towards getting them to tell their friends about you, and I always finish with a "If you like it, tell your friends, if not, tell me, and I'll make it right" comment.