Don't move anything!

Had to do some blackout film today at some convenience store, to cover up the glass that is blocked by the cigarette case. The contractor said to go ahead and move the case, they are real light, you'll have no problem. I'm a tinter, I dont move anything like furniture anymore. I used to move office furniture at government buildings for years. I tell MR contractor if there not that heavy, he will have no problem meeting me there and moving the cases. I meet him at the store, he comes in with a small handtruck and can't move the cases, they are bolted together, HAHAHA, yeah real easy. I decide to lend a hand and get about 2 feet to work in. First store finished.

Second store, Meet him there, handtruck comes out. Oh great the cases aren't bolted together, should be easy. This dude hands me the hand truck tells me to lift a little and he'll push. This thing aint budgin. So he tilts it back and I lift up and something kinda gives and the case comes out.. BUT now I hear a hissing sound, and I see water all over the place. There was a pipe underneath the case that was capped off with a compression fitting, about 1 inch off the floor. It was just left there by the previous plumber. The water had to be shut off, and the contractor had to chisel up the tile floor. He had no skills or equipment to sweat the pipe closed, he was trying to make the pipe round again to get the compression fitting back on. GOOD LUCK!! He was still working on the pipe when I finished the job, and the water had flooded most of the counter area. I know damn well If I had follwed his instructions to move it myself, I would have been blamed and probably not paid the 150$ for the last 2 windows. Let this be a lesson to everyone, never move furnishings or anything for the customer, tell them to do it themselves or hire some movers.