03 BMW M3 Convertible

This week's tip is from OlfaBlade ~
03 BMW M3 Convertible:

I hope these tips and pictures help out.

1. The rear window must be done first. It can be done in one piece with NO shrinking. You'll need to trim it very close to the edge of the dots. There is not much room for overlap on the top and bottom, and the sides have the defroster plugs really close to the edge of the matrix.

2. To install the rear, you'll need to start the opening of the power top. The first thing that happens is that all 4 sides auto roll down halfway.
3. Keep pushing button until rear window has raised up completely, and stop pressing before raer stowage cover begins to raise up.
4. This is the position you will need to do the install. You can climb into the backseat, and place your head between the rear headrests, and install it from there. It's up close, but easy. Thouroughly dry the rear window edges, as you will need to stow the top before continuing.

5. Once the top is stowed you then can do all freestanding glass. Fake the lock mechanisms on both front doors to be closed and fronts will raise 1/4". Tuck down all 4 inner rubbers, and do a good job at shaving so they look factory tinted if they are up and the top is down.

6. I put the car outside in the sun with the top down to ensure the sides dried a bunch before hitting the top button to close the top. I was able to keep the car overnight and I came in today at 3pm to untuck rubbers and close the top, clean it up and give it back at 3:30pm.