Lil' Chizlers

This week's tip is from skanlan ~

 Hard to reach creases:a lil chizler has 4 corners (duh)..I always turn mine around to find a corner that best applies pressure to the crease!! When I crease the bottom of the rear window I don't freak out cause I'm still able to smooth it out!! I have four foot long 1x2 sticks..2 of them are angled a bit at the end.....4 li'l chizlers taped to it..I taped them to the sticks not covering the Lil' Chizler tips or they'll never work..And each one has all the different corners at the ends!!make sure the wood is right behind the corner you want to use..As if it was your thumb behind it..You can use whatever one works best at the time.. Trust me this will remove any bottom crease or your money back guaranteed!!