Central Air Conditioners

This week's tip is from The Tintwizard ~

I do all of my work outof a 2 bay garage that has central air, however, as you know, when you roll in a car from out in the heat, it's still hotter than heck in the back seat...her's what I've been doing for the last few yrs..and it's made my life a lot more comfortable. you take a flexible duct hose and attach it to one of the air openings ..there usually about 6 or 7 inches in diameter and the hose only costs about $10-15..fasten the one end..and tape up the other end of the hose(so it doesn't scratch the car).You pipe in your flexible hose into the car..PRESTO..it's like running the air conditioner in the car..nice and cool in no time. You cool your inside of car down this while cutting your pattern, then remove the hose..to avoud air circulation of dust particles in vehicle while cleaning back glass. The moment the tint is placed on the inside the back glass...in comes the air duct again...nice and cool while you continue working on your back glass..if your paying for central air..pipe in in to where you need it the most...where it's the hottest ..not your garage per say,but in the back seat of a vehicle ...the hottest place on earth ! LOL