Tinting Quarter Panes on 2003 Honda Accord 4 Door


Here's how i do the quarter windows on the back doors of the 03 4 door honda accords. as everyone knows, they have the back corner that is impossible to get to. so here's step-by-step instructions on how i do it.

Pull the rubber back at the top of the door. there you will see a small TORX 15 screw. take it out, and don't lose it,
honda quarter 1

honda quarter 2

honda quarter 3
next roll down the door glass and pull back the rubber channel. This will allow you to pull the post away from the small glass about 2-3 inches. Next pull the glass forward, the rubber gasket will come with it, then pull the glass toward you about two inches then lift up. The glass will come out very easy.
honda quarter 4

honda quarter 5

Tint the glass, cutting the film close to the edge all the way around. Let it sit in the sun, or hit it a couple times with the heat gun. put the rubber back around it. IMPORTANT--make sure you clean off your fingerprints, water, ect. from the tint. once you put the rubber back on, you can't get to it to clean it.

Install the glass in reverse order, the same way you took it out. only important thing when putting back in, make sure you get the little metal peice back over the top.

It's alot of extra work that no one appreciates, but it makes the job alot cleaner and nicer.