Cutting Tables

By Unknown

I have a glass cut table with a movable shop light. It is the best thing I ever made. I went to my glass shop, got a piece of junk glass (like a 1/2 inch thick) had it cut to 40" by 60" (although I wish I had longer) made a franed out table, got a shop light, and drawer hinges (the sliders for cabnets) stuck the light on some brackets made a rear brace, and BAM a glass table with a sliding shop light, its perfect for patterns. I made a shelf under my table where I keep my scraps and tool etc. it cost me $5 for the glass (they couldn't resell it so they charged me for the time it took to cut it) $20 for the light, and I can't remember for the wood, but cheep. I think it cost me under 50 bucks and an afternoon to build, it is the best tip I have.