Heat Shrinking with Baby Powder

This week's tip ~

Someone came on here a few days ago wanting tips for heat shrinking. a few of us tried to explain the process to him, but it's just too hard trying to TELL someone how to do it. so i promised him i would take some pics and post them up here for him to look at. first thing--after cleaning the outside of the back glass, apply a thin layer of baby powder. and wipe a wet line right across the middle of the glass.

next, cut your film and lay across the wet line and squeegee flat. trim the excess off close to the molding, leaving a 1-2 inch overlap.

use your heat gun and start at one of the corners, working your way down and over to the middle of the glass. i use a mechanix glove to keep from burning my hand. don't stretch the film, just move your hand over it making sure it's laying down flat.

after doing one of the corners, move to the top or bottom and repeat the process. don't worry if it looks like it's not laying flat.

after one side is done, move to the next side. start at the corner, and move the film down and to the center until you get the entire bottom where there are no fingers sticking up.

after the bottom is done, move to the top. work up and to the center of the glass. never work your finger to the side, sure way to crease.

work the top up and over to the middle until you meet the previously shrunk film.

and this is what the film should look like when you're completely finished shrinking. you can wet check to make sure it's all flat, but after some practice, you can tell just by looking at it.

now for trimming the excess off. put a light inside, see the thread with MDOG's light contraption for a great way to get light to the rear glass. trim with a little excess, maybe 1/4 inch. with baby powder, you can wipe the exposed glass and see exactly where the film will cover the glass.

Now for the install. after cleaning the bg, wash all the baby powder from the back side of the film. on really dirty cars, i use the liner i removed from the film and lay across the back seat and package tray. helps keep the contamination down. then lay the film on the glass and position where there's no light gaps.

this is how the glass should look once the film is layed on the bg.

squeegee the film right across the middle. the same way you did in the beginning for the achor.

next, right in the center of the glass, push the film up at the top, and down at the bottom, making a nice big "plus" sign. this leaves four sections, one in each of the corners.

Work each of the sections from the middle of the glass up and over, and down and over for the bottom. you should end squeegeeing to the very corners. anfter film is layed down smooth, follow up with a hard card, blue max, whatever you choose to use, and squeegee across the defroster lines, AND with the defroster lines. doing this will get most all of the air out from around the lines. any little fingers that pop up, just zap them with a little heat. here's the end result.

this is a fast, and easy way to knock out back glasses. it's my way, and i'm sure everyone has something they do a little different. some use the reverse roll, some of just stretch real good every morning and take alot of advil at night for the back spasms. this entire process took me about half the time it did to post all this. hope this helps some of you guys new to the trade, and maybe even a few of the older ones who are "stuck in their ways".