Quick and Easy BMW and MBZ Door Trim Removal

This week's tip is from Litespeeds ~

For all my BMW's and Mercedes, I usually have one of my guys prep the door panels for me so that I gain access below the door trim moulding. Instead of taking off the entire door, all you have to do is remove a few screws along the top of the door panels of either vehicle and pull back or pull up on the door panel over the trim. This way you can use a hook tool to pry the felt or rubber trim piece off to gain access without using a gasket wizard.

On a BMW 330ci, just remove the plastic plate where the mirror is, remove the one screw at the door handle and pull the top of the panel back.

Use the hook tool and carefully pry the front of the trim off and slowly pull it off. On this particular model, you will need to leave it hanging as it is attached to the body. This will give you full access to the rollup window. Make sure you use some masking tape to tape off any felt areas to reduce contamination. I will post pictures later this week.

On any newer 3 series BMW's, all you need to do is remove the wood trim to expose 2 torx bits screws. After you unscrew them, PULL BACK on the top panel to gain access to the trim piece.

Make sure that you do not damage the door panel when you try and pry or pull out the trim piece. On the rear doors, you will need to carefully pull back the plastic piece at the end of the door on the small quarter glass to expose the end of the trim piece. As you slowly pull out the trim piece, be very careful as it is very soft and can easily get mangled. Of course some of you might find it easier to just remove the entire door but I like to save some time now and then.

On the MBZ's, just remove the hidden screw behind the ABS tag and PULL UP on the top of the door panels. You will need to get your fingers right at the edge of the top panel and pull up on it so it seperates from the trim piece. Then you can use a hook tool to slowly pry it out. When you put it back in, it is best to spray a little soap water along the rubber so it slides back in easier. Make sure you put some Velcro loop on the trim piece of MBZ's, otherwise your tint will get scratched. Just charge the customer an extra $10-$20 per rollup.

I know the pictures are worth a thousand words but I left my digital camera at home today and used my partners. Will need to get his memory stick before I can upload some pictures. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions regarding BMW's or MBZ's.