Infested Glass

This week's tip is from a user ~

I know most of you have run into that old camaro glass that no amount of soap will get the film to slip during install or that Anti fog or self clean stuff on the new glass? How about the cdf adhesive residue you can't get off the glass and you have a PS install to do on it knowing the film is going to grab quickly?

Try this: Buy some glass polishing rouge containing cerium oxide. Any auto glass supply source sells one version or another. I got mine from ($35/LB).

Follow the instructions, except for the part where you use a powered polishing wheel. Instead do it by hand with a non-scratching white nylon scrub pad. Polish the glass good and clean off the paste, then continue with your regular prep and install routine.

You should find the film slips nicely after polishing away the residues that inhibit (or known to) film movement. It can be messy, if you are not careful, but the paste does wash away easily with soap and water.