Light Colored Interior Tip

This week's tip is from Exact-Oh ~

I like to lay out furniture blankets on the interior of cars, to help keeps wet feet or tools from leaving marks on the carpeting or seats, but if you do get any type of stain/mark on the interior of a car, use brake cleaner to remove.

Any type of aerosol brake cleaner will work, and it won't wreck the interior or remove the dye. Just spray the cleaner on a clean shop rag, and rub out the stain or spot. I have sprayed the cleaner directly on the spot and then rubbed, but you run the risk of making that spot cleaner than the rest, and ending up with a spot that's too clean.

This method works on any type of stain, from black grease/oil to permanent marker, and it dries in seconds. I always keep a can handy.