Take Your Glass With You

This week's tip is from TintWizard ~

I like using a 3' x 6' sheet of glass for placing my film on b4 installing as most do, if you ever do mobile tint , this is something that usually gets left behind because of the size. Take 4 panes of 1.5' x 3 ' of lexan glass, stack them like books, bungee cord them together and you can take them anywhere. You just undo them, set them side by side pushed up beside each other ...all 4 against the wall where your doing your mobile tint 1.5x 4 = your portable6x3 transfer glass. when your done with your back glass, have 2 panes on one side of the car and 2 on the other side...3x3 , enough glassfor the sides of th cars. I don't do much mobile these days, but this was a help when I did.