Film Removal and Customers

Bubbled window tint

We all have seen the dreaded window tint from hell that is all purple and bubbled up but once in a while we run across the one that just will not come off without scraping it along with the defrost and antenna lines.

Whenever a customer brings in a car to have tint removed, it is to your best interest to let them know that it will cost between a minimum and a maximum price range so they will not be surprised by the outcome. Of course you can charge by the hour but most customers do not want to be surprised with a huge repair bill. At the time that they agree to the price range, make sure you tell them that there is always a possibility that we can not remove this film to expose the adhesive. If that is the case, we will call them to let them know their options.

Option #1: Scrape off the tint, defrost lines and possibly antenna lines and charge them the minimum price.

Option #2: Tell the customer to either replace the glass with a used glass from the junk yard or purchase a new one, otherwise we will not be able to tint it. No cost for removal.

Option #3: Stop what you are doing and just give the car back to the customer and tell them that it can not be done without possible damage to the defrost lines. Lost opportunity for making some money.

Option #4: We can do this but it will probably take a day or two and we will need to charge you by the hour at $$ per hour. This way it may be worth your time spent on removal. ( NOT ) Let them know that it would probably be cheaper to replace the glass than to remove the old tint.

Option #5: Throw a rock or brick through the glass and have them claim insurance. Definitely not recommended but have some fun with it.

We can show our customers that photo if they think it is easy to remove old window film. This is the worst case scenario but hopefully this will help all of us generate more money for removing purple bubbled tint jobs in the future as well as give us options. Good luck!