Tight Quarter Glass Tint Tool

This week's tip is from Litespeeds

With all these different squeegees and hard cards that the tint manufacturer's sell, sometimes we run into windows which nothing seems to reach those really tight corners.
What I came up with is a homemade tool that everybody has in their possession, an expired Credit Card. You can use any plastic expired charge card and cut it diagonally. This will give you either a sharp pointed edge or a rounded edge that you can reach into some really tight spots especially on quarter windows.
This idea came to me while I was trying to figure out what tool I can use to squeegee the soap solution out from a Mercedes S-Class quarter glass without cutting the rubber gasket to shreds and that is when I thought about the plastic charge card. It is thin enough and flexible enough to edge out the excess solution but you have to be a little careful because the edges are a little sharp and can actually put fine scratches on the film. Either tape it with masking tape or use really fine sandpaper and smooth out all the edges.
Here is a picture of one that I just made while I was sitting around. You can either keep the rounded corners or cut it so that it has pointed corners. All depends upon what you need for the job.