Back Glass Pattern Cutting Method

This week's tip is from MDOG

Alot of newbie tinters have never had to deal with the old style rubber gaskets on truck backgalsses. many newbies get light gaps around the glass because the pattern is not but big enough.

This is a way to cut the film and use it instead of making a pattern from it.

You can effectively make the pattern bigger doing it this way.

Start cutting at the middle of the corner at the #1 and cut around to the #2 stop cutting right in the middle of the curve at #2.

Now loosen your pattern up and slide it up and to the right about a 1/8th inch both ways

Start at #4 now and cut the bottom all the way to #5 at the top.

You have now made your pattern WIDER and TALLER slightly.

All you need to do now is trim the gasket on the inside and make a channel around the glass to accept the larger pattern and you have NO light gaps. with practice and experience yoiu will figure how big to make the patterns and how much rubber gasket to trim to accept the pattern.

There are a couple different variations on this method and they all work.