Removing Vent Visors

This week's tip is by: TITAN500

I get paid by Hyundai to remove and replace blackout tape around windows(warranty) and some have vent visors. I remember reading somewhere that some tinters like to remove visors to make tinting simpler(I leave them on).
Here is how I do it.
Use a piece of wire and work it back and forth down the lenght of the visor where it is taped to the frame.A little slip solution helps lube it.

Next bust out the steamer and steam the acrylic tape and either pull it away or roll it with your thumb. I used to do this with the heat gun and had to wrap my thumb with tape to avoid a big blister. I also used to use solvent to get the glue of and it makes a big mess.
This way makes it alot easyer and alot faster.The steam keeps it moist and should save your thumb from blistering.