Pulling Film

This week's tip:

When I pull film by myself, which is always, I take the measurement down to a workable size and roll the film as I go, pulling as many of times as needed. For instance, if you have a 80 inch tall window, just pull 40 inches, roll it up and pull 40 more. Voila, 80 total inches. This also prepares you for backrolling. Once I do that, if I have several windows of the same size, I pull as many as I need, and put them in the lid of the film box and they are safe and secure until I need them. This is also an easy way to transport fillm from one room to another. Also, just before I finish rolling the piece, I wet the last 4 or 5 inches of the liner side to keep it from unrolling in the box. Hope this helps some one and does not duplicate someone elses ideas.