This week's tip: By TT

Take dat pliznastic piece that holds that tint in that box and use dat mug as a guide .

throw yo self a piece of tint papers up on duh windshield and trim the top and dem sides right up against day trim. den take dat der plastic thang and run it up against that trim and put yo knife at the bottom and pull dat plastic across dat whindhield, den just move that tint papers down and trim the sides up some mo.

in no time DAWG you be hangin pro countoured visors up in heah.

OK, third times a charm. I usually just lay the film with the factory edge down, and cut as normal for a non roll up wondow. I cut the mirror after I slap the film. You can also lay the film on the bottom of the w/s and use the cowl as a guide for the bottom edge, but this does take extra time and is sometimes not possible to do on some vehicles. If you use the latter suggestion, I would charge extra as it takes more time and is difficult to get a nice straight cut while doing so. Hope this helps.