Mobile Scrap Collector

This week's tip: By TT

This little tip was born out of frustration with a removal job I had yesterday. I wasn't having much luck removing the film off the back glass as it was coming off in a bunch of tiny pieces. In the past I always did my best to make a little pile of these scraps in a general area and try to clean up afterwards only to have these little tint-scraps wind up on my clothes the auto upohlstery and everywhere else.

I grabbed an old plastic grocery store bag and ran my toolbelt through both of the bag's carry loops and voila - mobile scrap keeper. I don't have a digital camera but I'm sure most could figure it out. For shits 'n grins I also used it on a vehicle that I tinted later on that day and it came in pretty handy. No scrap cleanup afterwards.

When I was done I simply took my extended Olfa and cut the carry loops away from my belt, tied the bag shut and drop kicked it in the main trash bin.

Hope this will help the fellow frustrated.