Poly Sprayers with a Governor

This week's tip:

So you have a poly sprayer with a governor that won't allow the bottle to hold pressure?

Fix it.

Remove the top from the bottle itself, unscrew the plunger housing from the top and remove it. Put it aside for now. If you look at the plunger you will see a tiny hole in the side and one on the face. The one on the side will let you see the spring inside and the one on the face will let you see a small BB size ball valve covering the hole. The spring keeps the ball in place and when pressure builds in the bottle it pushes against the ball valve, releasing excess pressure. The fix is to take a crescent wrench and a pair of pliers and carefully remove the plunger from the plunger stem without dropping the spring out. Now take a 2-3 inch strip of electrical tape, roll it up into a tiny tube of tape that will fit down inside the plunger resting atop the governor spring. Place the plunger back on the stem and tighten back down. As the plunger tightens on the stem the tiny tube of electrical tape will crush into and compress the spring to the point the ball valve will not be able to move no matter the pressure you have in the bottle.

Be aware though, the consequence may be known through other failures such as seals. It will however give you the ability to use your poly2 without having to constantly pump them as before the fix. Electrical tape is used because of its vinyl material, you don't want something that will not dissolve or break down if exposed to moisture.