Heat Shields

This week's tip:

If you are one of those who likes heating the outside of the glass to rid your install of fingers on door glass and have burned or melted rubber doing it, this is for you:

Get a couple different sizes (3 or 6 inch) in metal putty knives from the HD, Lowes or wherever... heat and bend about 2 inches in from the leading edge (70-90 degree bend) so you can slip it between the glass, the rubber weather-strip and still have a direct heat gun shot at the glass...

The handle will allow you to move or slide the tool back and forth to different finger locations on the same strip, pull back the rubber to allow heat further down or below the rubber gasket, while the metal acts as a protective (insulating) barrier to the rubber weather-strip.

The glass will warm fast enough to deal with a pesky finger before there is any concern of the metal heating to a point of melting rubber itself.

A medium size section of the gasket wizard will do the same thing, except it does not have a wood or plastic handle to keep your hand from getting uncomfortably warm as the metal heats up.