Ford Breakaway Mirror Removal

This week's tip:

Several have come on here lately questioning how to remove those Ford break away mirrors. here's how it's done.

First thing, bend the mirror down so you can grab the stem.

Now pull down, towards the seat. Don't yank it, pull it. It won't break the windshield, so get some hair on your azz and pull the thing.

That's it, easy right? They're supposed to come off like that, so you're not hurting anything by doing it this way.

For reinstallation, just slide it over the top, and push it back down, you may have to bump it a few times to get it fully seated.

I cracked a windshield taking one of thoes break away mirrors off, exactly like you posted. I pound em up now, and charge $65 for a visor.

On other thing you might what to do, if you use foam glass cleaner, spray some on it to lube it up some, it will come off a little easier, and it also makes it go on easier too. Just a little something to add to your post.

I remove them this way all the time. Never broken one yet.