Retractable Cords

This week's tip:

I am not sure how many of us have a say in how our shops are organized, But I found it too dangerous and just sloppy to drag an extention cord around a car as I tint, so I got a retractable Drop Cord from the Depot. It hangs from the ceiling just over where I would like the back glass to be in the bay. It can be set to keep the heat gun in reach without damaging the car. I find that reaching it is easy and I don't worry about dropping half as much. Also keep the cord out of way when cleaning the floors.



I have had a couple of bad experiences with those things over the years. With 12 foot ceilings in the shop, there is too much cord to snap when it gets away. I don't use them anymore.

I use a tool belt, and there is a hook on the back that holds the cord when I'm shrinking. It's much nicer than hanging a potentially wet cord on my shoulder. I roll up the cord and hang it up every night for floor sweepage.