Cadillac CTS Rear Deck Removal

This week's tip:

Anyone willing to give this tinter step by step rear deck removal instructions deserves tip 'o the week honors.

I need help with this one desperately.

Didn't want to remove the rear side panels marked SRS (Airbags). Never had so much problem removing a deck!


I can help you with this one, I did one today.

1. Pull the bottom of seat out, very easy.
2. 4 bolts on the bottom of the back of seat. I think 14 mm.
3. 4 bolts in the trunk 10mm on the back of the seat, there are a set of two on the right and a set of 2 on the left.
4. Seat back comes right out, be very careful of the bottom of the back of seat, its sharp metal, and the seat is very heavy, be careful not to scratch the kick pannels while pulling the seat out of the car.
5. 2 push clips in the rear deck pop out.
6. pop out srs tags, very easy, then 7mm sockett long extention small bolts out.
7. pull side curtain out only 1 screw and 1 easy clip, dont worry about airbags they are not in the way. Put the side curtains in the trunk space.
7. pull up on rear deck on both sides and pull towards you, it comes out fairly easy.

That should be it, Ive done about a dozen of them by taking out the deck. Good luck.