Back Glass Tool

This week's tip:

To finish the BG bottom (yes with the deck removed) and after it is all back together and you see a minor spot outside that you did not see inside, I made my own tool.

1 - Dupont paint mixing stick(ruler). metal 12" x 1" thin yet stiff as hell.
1 - Lil' Chisler
1 - 3M VHB or Acrylic foam tape 3" long.

Heat the chisler on the domed side, heat tape and stick to chisler. Heat Dupont paintstick and tape and glue together. You now have a chisler with a 12" handle. In 6 years I have NEVER had one come off and screw up the tint. (I have had to cut it off and relace the chisler as in time the edge will round if you get it too hot).