Saving Triumph Blades

This week's tip:

As we all know these blades easily get rusty from the smallest amount of moister. only to ruin an entire pack of blades. I am sure most of you have ways to protect them from moisture. buts lets be honest sometimes no matter how careful you are. when your busy it is easy to get a pack ruined. ive found the easiest and best way to protect them. Is to open up the pack take out the blades and spray them with a metal lube. the best product ive found so far is cr lawrence metal lube. It sprays a fine mist giving the blades just enough oil not to rust. But not so much that it gets oil all over the glass.

It also prevents them from rusting from normal use. I dont know how many blades got wasted from just using one side once. and the next time you go to use the other side of the blade. the water from the last time you used it rusted both sides. and had to throw the blade out.