Chevy Pick-up Doors

This week's tip:

When starting out, before you lay film on the glass, you know on these the window comes away from the seal on the back edge, so roll it down until you see the the edge of the glass at the bottom of the outside seal. Make a mark with a white grease pencil, now roll the window all the way back up and lay your film on as usual. Now on the back edge where you put the mark, from that mark down cut the film along the seal, then slide your film over about a 1/4 of an inch, then roll the window down to the line on the glass and trim your side and top, not moving the film at all, cut the other side, down the side seal and take the film off the door. Move to triming glass, you will have to trim 1/8 of an inch off the top corner the doesn't come away from the seal. This is so when you put the film up and suck it in the seal it will not over lap the glass and you will have a nice even cut on the top and other side that comes away for the seal, it will fit perfectly with a nice even cut and no bunching up in the seal that comes away form the glass.