Wiping Top Edges of Glass

This week's tip:

I will make my Tip of the week proposal. The other post gave me the idea. I have been trying this on my own lately. Using "The Absorber" (purple of course) that you can buy at Wally World (which I hate so I have someone else get them for me) to wipe the top edges. Buy one and you can cut it down and keep in your pail next to you. They only cost about 8 bucks and you can leave it big to clean insides of glass or cut it down into about 10 pieces strictly for top edge cleaning. No dirt, no dust, no lint, not trash. And you don't have to go grab a new one each window. I use a stainless pail to keep my tools in full of water, so it works out great.


No. I do that too. I razor blade, then scrubbie the entire window and top edge. This would be in place of using paper towels to wipe/dry edge. Althought I think alot of people just use paper towel and no scrubbie. I like to scrub it then go over with paper towel. I get lots of dirt off with both.

The Absorber is like a synthetic chamois. Not leather. Some type of stretchy rubber cloth that soaks up alot of water for drying cars. I use them to clean inside glass, panels, etc. when finishing the car as well


I was practicing different ways today on the outside edge of my window during a break. using this method more, filing differnt angles, mixtures, etc. Every lay was as clean or cleaner then with paper towels. I laid 3 times with one or two specks or less on the outside edge of my window. Not dirt either. just dust that crushes out. Gotta love that


I use lint free (blue stripe) detailers glass cleaning towels for the edges and rubber trim.

When they get dirty they go in the dirty towel bin. Once I have a washload full of em they get washed and re-used.


Actually I've never quite understood the use of paper towels to prep any surface that needs to be lint or debris free. Paper towels consist of compressed micro-particles of paper which tend to break up quite easily once they get wet.

Blue shop towels are a nice alternative for those who must use something off a roll for prepping. Save money? Sure - they can be re-used a few times.