Working Around Spoilers

This week's tip:

Rear window glass as many of you know can challenge one's resourcefulness...

Like the one pictured below! Tough to cut the top edge when it's up under the spoiler... or how 'bout the Jeep Liberty with its hinges that protrude into the glass area making it a challenge to cut and heat form?

On the Jeep Liberty I have found that if you lay your film for shrinking and cut it along the uppermost defrost line rather than at the ceramic border, allowing the bottom of your film piece to extend beyond the glass edge, you can heat form it in this position and have the top edge already cut to match the ceramic border... without interference from the hinges.

After completing the shrink process you just slide the film edge up to the ceramic edge, cut to fit the remainder of the border area and all corners, leaving the top edge for an interior trim around the hinge bolt.

Cutting the film along the uppermost defrost or antenna line, which most of the time runs parallel to the ceramic edge, can serve as an easy way of overcoming the spoiler obstacle (See attached picture). Cut along the line as stated above, then slide the film up to position, before cutting the rest of the pattern.